Smoked Cheesy Chicken and Salsa Quesadilla

Smoked Cheesy Chicken and Salsa Quesadilla Recipe

This a a great opportunity to show your abilities as a smoker. To prepare this Smoked Cheesy Chicken and Salsa Quesadilla recipe, use some smoked chicken you have. For that extra smoky flavour try smoked cheddar cheese.


4 Soft flour tortillas

8 Tbsp cream cheese

8 Tbsp salsa

2 Cups cubed smoked chicken breasts

2 Jalapeno peppers - cored and minced

¾ Cup grated cheddar cheese - for that extra smoky flavor try smoked cheddar cheese

¾ Cup grated Monterey Jack cheese


Lay the 4 soft tortilla shells on a cookie sheet.

Assemble the quesadillas by placing a quarter of each remaining ingredient.

Spread 2 tbsp of cream cheese on half of each tortilla shell. Spread 2 tbsp of salsa on top of the cream cheese.

Evenly spread remaining ingredients on top of the salsa and cream cheese.

Fold each tortilla shell over the toppings creating a half moon shape.

Bake in a 375°F oven for about 10 minutes, or until the tortilla shell starts to brown/crisp up and the cheese is melted.

Recipe by: Steve Cylka