Smoked Hamburger Jerky Recipe

Smoked Hamburger Jerky Recipe

The secret to preparing this Smoked Hamburger Jerky Recipe lies in the marinade. A wet marinade for GB jerky doesn’t mean to add too much liquid per pound of GB.

If you use a jerky cannon or sausage stuffer to extrude the jerky, too much liquid will make the extruder “burp”. As a result, the strips will look distorted in shape, besides being really messy.

I go by 1/2 cup of liquid per pound of meat. For 5 lbs of meat, I would say 2 1/2 cups, added slowly, and pinch tested after 1 1/2 cups. What I mean by pinch tested is pinch off a hunk of the GB and see if it’s firm and tacky. If it’s squishy and gooey like there is too much liquid in it.

However, all is not lost if you added too much liquid. Just place the GB mix on a wire rack, place the rack on a cookie sheet and cover the top of the mix with clear wrap, then place in the fridge. The excess liquid will fall to the cookie sheet overnight. When taking the mix out, let it sit at room temp for about an hour. This will make it easier to extrude if you use a jerky cannon.


½ Cup teriyaki sauce

1 Tbsp olive oil (only if your GB is 90% or more lean) I use 85/15 or grind my own.

1 Tsp minced garlic (you can use the jar kind)

1 Tsp salt (non-iodized)

1 Tsp black pepper

½ Tsp liquid smoke (optional)

1 Tsp cure just less than

1 Pound GM


Mix all the dry with the liquid and let stand for 30 mins before adding to ground meat. Mix well into GM, extrude onto racks covered with jerky screens. Yard And Pool have screens.

If you plan on smoking this, leave out the liquid smoke and add just slightly less than 1 t of cure #1.

Use 3-5 pucks of your choice at 150ºF testing and rotating racks often. Bump the heat to 160ºF then 170ºF and to 180ºF at your discretion. You want the jerky to bend not break.

Your vent should be ½ to fully open and no water in your pan.

Now for the dehydrator way.

Use the above recipe and dehydrate at 145ºF to 155ºF until bendable.