How to Make Smoked Queso

How to Make Smoked Queso

In this video, Gerardo from @grodgrills makes some smoked queso, perfect for your next barbecue.


1 Package of velveeta

1 Cup cheddar cheese

4 Ounces cream cheese

1 Can rotel

1 Can cream of mushroom

Fresh pico

Seasoning (any barbecue rub)


In a skillet put your velveeta, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, can of rotel, cream of mushroom, and fresh pico. Then sprinkle your seasoning (or a barbecue rub) on top of your ingredients.

Smoke your queso mix in the smoker for 2 hours at 250ºF (121°C), and add 6 bisquettes (any flavor) to your smoker.

After 30 minutes in the smoker, try to mix your queso dip together with a spoon, it's alright if it's not fully melted yet.

After another 30 minutes mix the queso together and let it fully melt together. Once the timer is done, take it out and enjoy your queso with chips of your choosing!

Recipe by: Grod Grills