bowl of soy sauce with chopsticks

Smoked Soy Sauce

Smoked Soy Sauce adds a more intense flavour than regular soy sauce. Besides, it can add extra interest to Asian dishes. You can use Soy sauce in marinades or a brine for fish. On the top of that, if you smoked it beforehand, you’ll get a new twist on that smoked flavour. For more Asian-inspired smoked recipes, check out Teriyaki Beef Bites or Marinated Duck Salad Rolls.


Soy Sauce – 100 ml

Bradley Flavor Bisquettes – Cherry


Put soy sauce in a heat-resistant largemouth bowl.

Smoke for about 1 hour (70 – 80 °C or 158 – 176 °F). During that time, stir the soy sauce a few times.

Remove the bowl from the smoker and let the soy sauce cool.

After it cools down, put in a clean jar or bottle.

Let sit for one day and enjoy!