Cold Smoking Salmon Recipe

Cold Smoking Salmon Recipe

Cold smoking salmon is a task that is not only simple but flavorful as well. As we are in a season where a lot of salmon spawn, it only seems right that there should be a delicacy for salmon.


1 Pound salmon

1 Tbsp pepper flakes

1 Tbsp fennel

1 Tbsp dill

½ Tsp salt and sugar


In one bowl, mix ½ tsp salt and sugar together with other seasonings of your choice (1 tbsp pepper flakes, 1 tbsp fennel, 1 tbsp dill, etc).

Once you're done curing your 1 pound salmon, you end up with gravlax which is graved salmon filled with seasoning.

In order to have that perfect salmon to bisquette flavor ratio, smoke your salmon for 6 hours. Cold smoke with maple bisquettes. The temperature is always below 100ºF (37.8ºC). Once you’re done smoking it, you can now enjoy the delicious taste of salmon!

Recipe by: Fishing With Rod