Smoked Deer or Steak Sticks Recipe

Smoked Deer or Steak Sticks Recipe

This Smoked Deer or Steak Sticks Recipe is very easy and makes a good option for those new to cold smoking. The recipe is very versatile, as you can use beef or game. Then you can decide if you prefer to bake them on a broiler pan or to smoke them. If you choose smoking, try hickory bisquettes and smoke for 6 to 8 hours at 200 F.


1 Lb ground steak or ground deer

1 ½ Tsp salt or tenderizer if available (Morton’s Tenderquick) (7½ tsp)

1 Tsp of liquid smoke (5 tsp)

¾ Tsp fresh ground black pepper (3¾ tsp)

½ Tsp mustard seed (2½ tsp)

½ Tsp fennel seeds - slightly crushed (2½ tsp)

¼ Tsp anise seed (1¼ tsp)

¼ Tsp garlic powder (1¼ tsp)

1 Box 1/16 casing

This is for a 5 lb recipe


If venison (deer meat), grind 1 lb of venison and ½ lb pork.

Mix together well and combine all ingredients, mixing until thoroughly blended.

Set mixture in bowl and cover. Refrigerate overnight.

Get electric grinder or hand grinder with stuffing attachment and smallest stuffing tube.

Set casing in warm water and let it soften.

Slide casing onto nozzle of stuffer and twist end of casing.

Start stuffing casing slowly until desired length is reached.

Cut and twist the end. Bake or smoke sticks.

If baking on broiler pan, then bake at 200ºF for 3 to 4 hours with oven door slightly opened.

If smoking, use hickory chips or sawdust in electric smoker or plain smoker and smoke 6 to 8 hrs at 200ºF.