Smoked Deviled Turkey Eggs

Probably you are used to chicken deviled eggs, but the process is almost the same for turkey eggs. Just expect some of them not to be perfect. Turkey yolks are large and tend to sit to one side of the whites while steaming.


4 turkey eggs

1 tbsp mustard

1/4 cup mayonnaise

Nutmeg or a hint of paprika powder


Steam turkey eggs for 20 minutes. (this makes fresh eggs of any sort the easiest to peel)

Let turkey eggs cool off in cold water for about an hour.

Peel turkey eggs and refrigerate for up to 24 hours.

Preheat your smoker at 220 F using any flavour of Bradley bisquettes

Smoke the turkey eggs whole for 25 – 30 minutes. Any longer than that you might end up with rubbery eggs. In the meantime, mix the mustard, mayonnaise and you can add a bit of zesty dressing or creamy cucumber for a zing.

Place the smoked turkey eggs in the refrigerator again overnight, or a few hours before deviling my eggs.

Cut turkey eggs in half lengthwise and scoop out yolks into a bowl.

Once all your yolks have been gathered (and expect a few eggs to not be perfect, as turkey yolks are large and tend to sit to one side of the whites while steaming), you can add your mixture.

Mix well and then scoop back into eggs and sprinkle with a pinch of paprika or nutmeg and/or chives, depending on the taste you are going for.

There are a lot of options when it comes to deviled eggs, hope you take this recipe and make it your own.

By Amanda Lynn Mayhew