Smoked Pork Butt Steaks Recipe

Smoked Pork Butt Steaks Recipe

This recipe to Smoked Pork Butt Steaks came to me when I found a sale on pork butts. So, I decided to buy a couple of ’em.

They were already sliced, so I brought out the recipe from Hot Smokin’ Gal for smoked pork chops. Hey, it worked for chops, why not for butts?


For 10 Pounds of butt steaks, about ¼ inch thick

10 T Morton Tender Quick

2 T (heaping) hickory smoked salt

Just under ½ C brown sugar


Mix all the ingredients together and rub onto the steaks.

Let them cure for 5 hours, then add one small can of pineapple juice.

The chops should sit in the juice for another 45 minutes.

Rinse them and let them dry a little.

Now they are ready to go in the smoker.

Smoke the steaks at 225ºF for 4 hours. I used hickory.


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